HOPEWELL — Treat yourself to an evening of spirited music performed by Finger Lakes Community College music faculty and guests Wednesday, Oct. 31.

The Faculty Recital will begin at 7 p.m. in the FLCC auditorium, 3325 Marvin Sands Drive. Entry is free.

Performers will debut a chamber piece by FLCC music professor David McGuire. Called “Bardo,” the piece features instruments that are not typical of chamber works. Eric Carlin, a Nazareth College faculty member, plays the electric guitar. Kristen Shriner-McGuire, head of percussion at Nazareth College, plays the vibraharp, and FLCC alumnus Justin Rister ’06 plays the drums. The group is rounded out with McGuire on piano, associate FLCC music professor Geoff Smith on bass, and violinist Elena Ryck, a music teacher at the Greece Central School District.

“Bardo is a Tibetan term for a body that has passed from this life to a type of way station, yet it isn’t dead,” says McGuire. “It’s a time of confusion, terror, disturbing memories and ghoulish hallucinations — very dramatic. The piece goes back and forth between chaotic unstableness and moments of clarity and calmness. Turmoil, fear and tranquility are intertwined throughout the music.”

McGuire describes the piece as post-modern classical, incorporating traditional classic sounds with fusion, jazz and improvisation. “There are a variety of themes throughout the piece with opposing rhythms. Some are dark and grim and have a relentless driving pulse and others are fluid, floating and serene,” he adds.

FLCC performers also include pianist Ines Draskovic, assistant music professor, and adjunct faculty members Maria Gillard, a folk singer, and Craig Snyder, an electric guitarist.

For more information, contact McGuire at (585) 785-1385 or mcguirdr@flcc.edu.

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