Health and wellness experts explain why some of the hottest fitness trends for 2018 are reflections of classic workouts

My latest foray into fitness found me attempting a Pilates barre class. Although taught at a Pilates studio, barre is a dynamic fusion of Pilates, ballet and isometric and isotonic exercises. Its original iteration was created by Lotte Berk, a German dancer who suffered a back injury and combined her dance conditioning with rehabilitative therapy.

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of hiking long distances. Stories of people who have trekked the Pan-American Highway or the Appalachian Trail pique my interest and make me wonder what it would take to do that. A trip to Ireland and Scotland last fall made me realize that a day full of walking, even in a city, takes some planning.

I had my mind set on taking a self-defense class the past year. When my editor suggested a column about Krav Maga, I jumped at the idea. I love it! It gives me the cardio workout I like and need. I’m gaining confidence by learning skills that could one day help me, and it gives me a chance to use some of the strength I gained through CrossFit in a different way. Plus, I feel like a badass!

Shrieks of joy could be heard outside East Pike Elementary School in winter 2014 when Leanne Jack took her K-3 students sledding during their physical education classes.

The weather is cold, it gets dark earlier and there are all sorts of holiday snacks around. Who can possibly stay in shape during the winter?

On this fitness adventure, Danette takes you to a zero-gravity float tank, intended to relax your mind and body.