In 1961 Newsweek magazine conducted a poll that showed 75 percent of the respondents believed the government was a “good force” in their lives, and I understand why. There were tens of million…

Imagine that Marathons, extraterrestrial giants, have conquered earth. Only Marathon collegiates can now be Finger Lakes Community College students. Imagine the commotion when former biology t…

It’s a beautiful spring day, and you decide it’s the perfect time to take a stroll around town. As you saunter down South Pulteney Street, a man approaches from the other direction. He’s dress…


The protests and arrests at the gates of Texas-based Crestwood Midstream’s gas storage facility have been going for long enough that they resemble a well-scripted, long-running stage production.


There is much that can be said for all-volunteer armed forces and against the use of conscription. Classically, the conscientious objector has viewed the draft as a tyrannical tool. Those of u…

  • By Cameron Miller

(Editor’s Note: Today we are introducing a new regular local columnist, Cameron Miller. His “Denim Spirit” will appear every other Wednesday, and though he is a priest, they will not be overly…

  • By SPENCER TULIS nyp2904@yahoo.com
  • Updated

For eight years, Geneva City School District students in the Head Start program to fifth grade have benefited from the generosity of the district’s Weekend Backpack Program.


What was your favorite class in school? History, or maybe literature? Yeah, I liked those too. But my favorite was any class that had to do with science.

  • By Jill S. Tietjen

As I prepared to serve as the keynote speaker for last week’s Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (WISE) Unplugged in Syracuse, I marveled at the accomplishments of the entrepreneuri…

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