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LETTER: SAFE Act doesn’t stop mass murders

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Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013 9:54 am

To the Editor:   

In the “Guide to the New York Safe Act” for members of the state police, the section on magazines is interesting.

They are making something that was legal to posses now illegal to posses, thus retroactively making honest citizens criminals.

Is this the America we grew up in?

This has nothing to do with stopping mass murders. The Navy shipyard murders proved exactly what I wrote to the Finger Lakes Times and have stated: A man with a shotgun is just as lethal as a man with an AR-15.

You did not hear anyone call for the banning of those lethal pump-action shotguns! Why? Because most homes in rural America have one, and the anti-gun people know that to call for the banning of such a popular weapon would reveal their actual desire to remove all firearms from circulation. They desire a firearms-free society.

Never mind that the overall homicide rates in countries without private ownership of firearms is higher than America’s. I guess they would prefer to be stabbed, clubbed, beaten or choked to death, rather than stand up and shoot their assailant. Furthermore, they would not stop an assault they witnessed! And let me tell you this, I am not 30 anymore. I would not want to have to go toe-to-toe with some drugged-up addict with a knife!  

Give me my gun!



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1 comment:

  • Owenjorden67 posted at 9:36 am on Tue, Oct 22, 2013.

    Owenjorden67 Posts: 74

    And magazine capacity has little to do with personal protection.

    Using your example of being attacked by someone with a knife, I would ask why more than one or two well place rounds would not do what 30 rounds of "spray and pray" might do. And there is the question of time. If someone is coming at you with a knife, how long do you actually have to respond?

    Police that are combating gangs of well armed professional criminals and the military have different needs and requirements than the private citizen who wants to protect themselves and their homes. In my mind, an individual that requires a weapon that has the capacity of firing six rounds a second is doing something other than protecting hearth and home.

    The attack on the Navy Yard also shows that it takes more than "a good man with a gun" to stop " a bad man with a gun".:


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