GENEVA — On Thursday the championship was played out in the Geneva Recreation softball league and I ❤ FLX came out on top to win the title. The team defeated Parker’s in the championship game by a score of 14-10.


Championship Game

IFLX 14,

Parker’s 10

After scoring an early three runs in the first inning and taking a 6-1 lead after the second inning, I ❤ FLX came out on top to win the 2018 league playoff championship.

Ben Rockefeller helped to lead the way for the winning team as he went 4-for-4 at the plate with a double and two RBI. His effort was followed up by teammates Corey Kayhart (2-for-4, 3 run home run) and Josh DeBoover (3-for-4, home run, 4 RBI).

Also for the championship team were Clay Hemminger (double, 3 RBI), Jarrod Turner (3-for-3, RBI), Tony Laquitara (2-for-3), Liz Donk (2 hits), and Jamie DeBoover (3-for-4).

For Parker’s, Emily Hauf had a strong performance as she went 4-for-4 at the plate. Also on the team were Derrick Oberdorf (3-for-3, double, 3 run home run), Bill Salone (2-for-3, double, triple, 2 RBI), Brian Clark (2 hits, RBI), Josh Miller (1 run), and Jess Parrish (single, RBI)

Parker’s scored two runs in the fourth inning and five runs in the fifth inning to tie the score at 9-9 however, it fell just short after the surrendered five runs to the champions in the final two innings.


Parker’s 10,

New World Order 6

Parker’s trailed early, but came back to top New World Order by four runs. For Parker’s Josh Miller (3-for-3, double), Bill Salone (3-for-3, double, home run), Brian Clark (3-for-3, double, 2 triples), Melissa Deyo (2 hits), Derrick Oberdorf (2 hits), and Aaron Langley (double) had solid individual efforts.

The team scored five runs in the bottom of the fifth inning that was high lighted by Oberdorf hitting a three run home double.

For New World Order, Bryn Fryer (3-for-4), Ashlee Prentice (3-for-4), Amanda Albino (3-for-4), Joe Frascatore (2-for-4, home run), and Gloria Merced (2-for-3) had strong performances.

IFLX 20,

Torrey Park 5

5 innings

In this run rule shortened game, I ❤ FLX took 6-0 lead in the third inning before scoring 10 runs in the bottom of the fourth to go on and defeat Torrey Park.

For I ❤ FLX, Corey Kayhart (grand slam, double, 2-for-3), Josh DeBoover (3-for-4, double), Ben Rockefeller (2 run home run, double, 4-for-4), Clay Hemminger (double), Jerrod Turner (double), and Liz Donk (triple).

For Torrey Park, Fran Holzapfel (double), Alyssa Durette (double), Dan Leon (double), Bobby Durette (double), and Mary Coleman (1 run) each made strong contributions.

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