E.T. Emmons

E. T. Emmons, city editor from 1906-71.

High on Seneca’s fertile slopes;

Bathed in Heaven’s brightest sunshine,

Stands Geneva,

Queen City of the Finger Lakes;

Boast of a prosperous citizenry

And beloved of many an illustrious son,

Gone forth to spread the name and fame

Of his fair city.

Its streets, where once the paths

Of Red Men ran, now hum

With busy industry;

And on a thousand hearths

Burn fires of hospitality.

In college hall, in club, in home,

Culture and refinement meet,

And life of most abundant joy

Sparkles everywhere.

While overhead are skies

Nowhere else so blue;

And under foot is grass

Nowhere else so green,

As here on Seneca’s shores; —

This is GENEVA.

— Written by E.T. Emmons, 1925

E. Thayles Emmons was an editor at the Geneva Daily Times from 1906 to 1971 and served as president of the Geneva Historical Society.

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