Joe Beganskas

Joe Beganskas is celebrating his 100th birthday.

LYONS — Wayne County Nursing Home resident Joseph (Joe) Beganskas is celebrating his 100th birthday on Sept. 3.

Nursing Home staff has asked that members of the public send birthday wishes c/o of the Nursing Home, 1529 Nye Road, Lyons NY 14489.

Beganskas was born in Rochester and grew up in Brockport with his mother, Mary, and father, Dominic. He was one of five children (one sister became a nun and three brothers). He was a dairy farmer for most of his life. His farm was on RedMan Road between Brockport and Spencerport.

For leisure time he liked to go fishing on the shorelines of Sodus Bay where his brother Sylvester lived. Joe and his brother spent countless hours fishing trying to catch the “big one!”

In his spare time he enjoyed taking photos of nature — fields, plants, barns, family farm, and cows.

He now lives at the Wayne County Nursing Home.

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