BRANCHPORT — Hunt Country Vineyards had three rieslings score 90-plus points in a tasting conducted by Wine & Spirits Magazine.

The winery’s 2018 Dry Riesling scored 92 points and a Best Buy; its 2017 Reserve Riesling scored 91 points; and 2017 Semi-Dry Riesling scored 90 points and a Best Buy.

“Since arriving in the Finger Lakes in 2017, my focus has been on producing wines that display the signature characteristics of the grapes from our region, while also achieving specific personal and house stylistic goals,” said Craig Hosbach, Hunt Country’s head winemaker. “We have an extraordinary team here at Hunt Country that works tirelessly to produce consistent, high quality wines. We are really happy to receive these three 90-plus scores from Wine & Spirits Magazine that affirm our passion and efforts.”

“We are extremely pleased to have received 90-plus scores on all of our current rieslings from Wine & Spirits Magazine,” said Joyce Hunt, co-owner and co-founder of Hunt Country Vineyards. “They are a testament to the talent, dedication and passion of our winemaker, Craig Hosbach, as well as to the knowledge, experience and lifetime dedication of vineyardist, owner and my husband, Art Hunt. Many thanks go to the winery and vineyard teams who work to produce our fine wines.”

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