KEUKA PARK — Keuka College’s Provost’s Distinguished Lecture Series continues Thursday, March 28, with a presentation by Dr. Ted Barnett, founder of the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Group and president of the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute.

Free and open to the public, the lecture begins at 5 p.m. in Keuka Commons 133. Barnett will discuss “Plant-based Nutrition and the Evolving Medical Paradigm.”

During the lecture, Barnett, known as “Dr. Veggie,” will highlight the benefits of a plant-based diet and share what lifestyle choices can be made to help individuals take charge of their own lives.

Dedicated to transforming the practice of medicine using the principles of lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition, Barnett teaches a six-week plant-based nutrition course, which has reached nearly 800 people in the Rochester area. Vegan since 1991, he and his wife have three adult children who are lifelong vegans.

In addition to his work with lifestyle medicine, Barnett is a senior partner with Borg and Ide Imaging in Rochester, where he has worked since 1986. As an interventional radiologist, Barnett treats clogged arteries with angioplasty balloons and stents, and has had ample opportunity to witness the havoc that the Western Industrial Diet plays on people’s blood vessels.

Although he enjoys performing high-tech interventions to repair damaged blood vessels, Barnett would prefer that patients treat the cause of their illnesses with low-tech lifestyle changes.

Barnett received his board certification in diagnostic imaging in 1984, and his board certification in vascular and interventional radiology in 1995. Some 22 years later, in 2017, he became one of more than 200 physicians board certified in the new specialty of lifestyle medicine.


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