To the Editor:

Do you think people who complain that requirements to wear a mask infringe greatly on their freedom have misunderstood something about freedom’s relationship to responsibility? As far as the welfare of the people in this country, the covid virus is not any different than an invading army, and not doing what you can to fight it is no different than aiding an invading army — very unpatriotic!

When it comes to wars, all countries I know of instigate requirements and restrictions on their people. Do you think that people that signed up or were drafted to fight in World War II  or others and died might be turning over in their graves if they knew that people cannot endure the mere inconvenience of wearing a mask, keeping distance and not assembling in large groups to save the country and the people that live in it? Especially so if they knew that such behavior was encouraged and promoted by the master of draft dodging, former President Trump, which was even worse than him doing nothing else of consequence to try to save the lives of the half million people that have now died from the virus.

It has surely prolonged the financial pain of businesses and the country not to have acted more assertively. What is even more maddingly obscene is to see the do-nothing, blindly and approvingly following supporters of the conman Trump death cult, like Reed, Jacobs, O'Mara and others criticizing Cuomo, who was left alone to fight the war. In war, mistakes are invariably made, but it is very unclear that the nursing home decision caused hardly any more deaths, just that they were counted in another column. How lucky we did not have a Trump clone as our governor during this time.

If people can’t seem to understand that freedom comes with responsibilities, maybe it is time to instigate a one-year draft to the Army or community service, for all young women and men, to make it sink in. Absolutely no group or religious exemption should be allowed when it comes to the safety and welfare of the country. The actions of one religious sect should never be allowed to harm those not a member of that sect, as we have seen happen with mask refusal.



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