OVID — The following students have been named to the honor rolls for the second marking period of the 2018-19 academic year at South Seneca Middle School.

High Honor

Grade 6: Avery Bond, Jacob Borst, Aven Bower, Connor Briggs, Sylvia Brock, James Cornish, Alyssa Covert, Ruth Dendis, Samuel Dufour, Rylan Erickson, Kenneth Halsey, Karah Hill, Anneliese Hubbard, Logan Laverack, Marigold McCabe-Angell, Vyvynn Powell, Chloe Scott, Mackenzie Snyder, William D. Stirlen, Rebecca L. Travis, Laurie Tuttle and Amelia Wig.

Grade 7: Samantha Barkee, Kathrine Buisch, Ashley Bullock, Elizabeth Dendis, Kjerstin M. Grace, Hunter Martin, Nolan Mitchell, Jacob O’Steen, Haley Parry, Ariana Passalacqua, Abigail G. Sherry, Annabelle L. Tingue, Ava Utter and Nikolas Wheeler.

Grade 8: Brianna Ahouse, Ciera Babcock, Ella Barlow, Emily Crane, Luke Dendis, Alysa Elder, Christen Estell, Hailey Houseknecht, Courtney Hunt, Chelsea Parsons, Salvatore Sciacca, Zackary Sherry, Dakota Stewart, Caleb Sweet, Sophie Wesselhoff and Colton Wig.


Grade 6: Asher Chase, Samuel Denmark, Molly Doane, Jackson Hazlak, Autumn Jay, Kyle Kempf, Morgan Knapp, Alexander Rojas, Nicholas Tostanoski, Jaden Ungleich and Gregory Updike.

Grade 7: Izabella Abeline, Pheobe Barkman, Natalie Capluzzi, Joshua Grover, Collin Hammond, Owen Kenyon, Burke Marrella, Amber Martin, Christian McCoy, Lauren McGuire, Grace Mott, Kurt Pleckan, Alexander J. Quagliata, Jayden Reed, Trent Stagg and Macy Swank.

Grade 8: Simon Appleby, Kendall Elliott, Cody R. Garland, Ethan Laverack, Amya McLaughlin, Jamie Metz, Ella Mae Robinson and Tessah Webb.

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