AUBURN — Cayuga County Loves Life is planning a pro-life rally and march at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 28.

The event will begin with a rally at Veterans Memorial Park, 172 Genesee St. Afterward, there will be a march to City Hall, 24 South St. At City Hall the group will recognize all religious leaders from Auburn area who are present. A program of well-known pro-life speakers will follow.

The purpose of this march is to make people aware of New York state’s passage on Jan. 22, 2019 of the “Reproductive Health Act.”

According to the New York State Catholic Conference website, this law made abortion a fundamental right in the state. Legally, it is now virtually impossible to enact regulations or restrictions on abortion, as most other states have done. Thirty-seven states require parental notification or consent prior to a minor’s abortion, and 35 restrict Medicaid taxpayer funding of abortion. These types of laws are now effectively impossible in New York state. According to the website, the Reproductive Health Act also removed protections that required immediate medical attention for any infant who might accidentally survive an abortion procedure.

Bryan Kemper from Priests for Life and Jim Havens, director/radio host at Love Will End Abortion, will attend.

For more information, email or (315) 253-3742

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