SENECA FALLS — Virtually every day of the week, Dan and Cathy Winters head to Penny’s Place for a late breakfast. The Junius residents have been doing that since they retired about six years ago.

Their patronage adds up to about 2,160 breakfasts.

“We go for the good service, good food and reasonable prices,” Dan said. “We also go for the socialization with a good group of other retirees who congregate for breakfast, talk and read newspapers.”

If it’s extra busy, as is often the case on weekends, they’ll cut the socializing short to free up tables for other customers who may be waiting.

“We’ve gotten some new friends from going to Penny’s,” Dan said. “The staff makes us feel welcome. It’s like eating at home.”

The Winters also visit the restaurant Friday nights on a regular basis, the only evening Penny’s serves dinners. The fish and a salad bar attract the Winters.

Stories like the Winters’ are just what restaurant owner and cook Adam Siblosky likes to hear.

His parents, John and Penny Siblosky, took over the restaurant, the former Liberty Café, in 1988; Adam worked there while at Waterloo High School. After his father died and he graduated from high school in 1998, he helped his mom run the restaurant.

Penny, the restaurant’s namesake, has since turned the restaurant over to sons Adam and John. She still makes homemade pies and helps out when she can.

“I’ve revamped the inside, put in new tables, chairs and booths,” Adam said. “I took the many pictures my mom had on the walls and put them in one place, over the counter and food prep area. I made the changes when my mom was down in Florida. She was surprised when she came back, but she’s OK with it.”

Those pictures are dominated by Elvis Presley. Penny is a huge fan of the King and added to the collection through the years. Customers chipped in with Elvis memorabilia of their own.

The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch every day.

Adam and John do most of the cooking. Tim Ryan also mans the grill.

“We have a lot of loyal customers who come back so many times that we know them by name,” Adam said. “We usually know what they’ll order before they tell us.”

Breakfast is when the restaurant is busiest.

“We try to stay consistent with our food,” Adam continued. “Our prices are reasonable and we have a lot of retired people who are regular customers, many of them coming every day.”

Because they’re located in a shopping plaza, there is ample parking for customers. Adam said they are happy with the location.

He added that his staff is willing to try out new recipes. They also offer homemade desserts.

Several employees have worked there for years.

Adam said he’s thinking about putting televisions on the walls but hasn’t made a final decision yet.

One thing he has done: He’s installed digital photo scrapbooks featuring dozens of old photos of customers on the walls above the booths.

“I enjoy the business and I’m happy with how things are going,” Adam concluded. “I want to thank our customers for their loyalty.”

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