WATERLOO — Are you ready for a life change?

Have you been stuck in a rut for too long?

Is your personal life suffering?

Do you find yourself with the same thoughts over and over, thoughts that weigh you down, make you sad, or make you angry?

Jennifer Sutton may have some answers to those and many other questions.

She owns and operates What If Wellness at 148 E. Main St., carving out space in the building to offer classes on Emotional Freedom Technique tapping, an acupressure method that involves tapping a finger on various spots on and around the head to promote calming and stress reduction. She also teaches a martial arts course called Shoshin Ryu.

“I am a certified infinite possibilities trainer, transformational journey guide, founder of Trust Life seminars and business owner who’s mission is to help people clear fear and pain so they can find and live in their joy on a consistent, daily basis,” Sutton said. “I teach people to focus on what you want and then fall in love with the adventure of getting there. I help woman and girls who feel unsafe in the world to shift into safe, creative, abundance and joy and adventure. Adventure is important.

“I help people identify fears and barriers to joy and gently and quickly release and overcome them,” Sutton continued. “Then you choose what you most want in your life and learn how to achieve that using incredibly simple brain training techniques, tapping, laughter and movement.”

Sutton also offers Reiki classes and one-on-one and group counseling focusing on joy and safety.

Next door to where Sutton operates is another business called Soulful Beginnings. That business offers a host of natural pills, cannabidiol pain lotions and candles that compliment Sutton’s services.

She obtained a microenterprise grant from the village to help furnish her work space.

As for the EFT tapping, Sutton admits it’s hard to believe that such a simple technique can achieve results.

“I’m a scientist by nature,” she said. “I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and it took me a long time to be able to teach it, but I’ve seen it work. It’s fascinating and fun.

“I recommend people take a 1½- to two-hour course on tapping with me, and then they are able to tap for themselves.”

She has used her EFT program on military veterans as part of their treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. She offers classes for businesses too.

Sutton spent time in Massachusetts, California, Alaska, Tennessee, Africa and Costa Rica before coming to Waterloo. Her husband got a job with the Finger Lakes Institute in Geneva, and she wanted to come back East to stay close to her family and her mother, who was battling a serious illness that eventually led to her death.

Sutton and her family live in Junius.

“My mom fell in love with the Finger Lakes when visiting and stayed here for the past 10 years of her life,” Sutton said.

“I am a pacifist, so the martial arts I teach is not about disabling or hurting someone, but how to stop an attack before it happens,” she added about her business. “Once it happens, then you can be trained to disable the attacker.”

A customer named Kimberly wrote about her reaction to one of Sutton’s tapping classes.

“Jennifer knew what to say and guided me right to where the pain was in my body and in my mind,” the letter said. “I was very skeptical of the tapping technique, but I’d never has an experience with someone guiding me through it before.”

The tapping is accompanied by repeating phrases with a positive message.

Sutton uses the internet to offer classes all over the world, all while hoping to expand her local customer base.

She recently taught a class at Waterloo High School’s Wellness Day and would like to get involved with some women’s support groups.

As part of her program, she has a deck of 29 cards that each contain a what-if question on one side. People are directed to www.whatifwellness.net to find an answer.

Some of those questions:

• What If I Stepped Back Far Enough to See the Big Picture?

• What if I Remember I Can Ask for Help?

• What if Everything is Falling Into Place Perfectly, Even If It Looks Like It’s Falling Apart?

“Laughter is a big part of what I do,” Sutton summarized with a smile.


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