TORREY — John and Ann Martini celebrated the 30th anniversary of Anthony Road Wine Company on Tuesday with family, friends, and loyal customers.

However, there was a time not long ago when the Martinis and their children — all of whom had gone out on their own at one time — had a very frank discussion about the future of the venerable winery overlooking Seneca Lake.

“We all sat down in 2013. We had just lost our general manager, who retired,” recalled Sarah (Martini) Eighmey, now the business manager. “We eventually made the decision that we really wanted to keep this in the family. Our parents had done a lot of hard work to get the winery and the vineyards to where we are today. We didn’t want someone to come in and do something different.”

Fast-forward seven years. Now 78 but showing few signs of slowing down, John Martini is thankful the business he and Ann started in 1990 will likely be a family operation for years — perhaps decades — to come.

“There were times when you think you’re never going to see another year, but the kids came back. We’ve done a good job,” he said. “We’ve been consistent with growing and we’re involved in the industry. That is so important.”

While Anthony Road is marking 30 years, the Martinis’ roots in Yates County go back to 1973 after a friend suggested John and Ann — who are from New Jersey — move to the Finger Lakes to grow grapes. They planted their first vineyards in 1974 and sold their grapes to the Taylor Wine Co.

John worked at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station — now Cornell AgriTech — in the early years while Ann worked the vineyards. In 1990, when they could no longer sell grapes to a declining Taylor, they started their own winery along with Donna and Derek Wilber, who was the first winemaker.

The business turned into a family affair.

“The kids helped in the vineyard when they were young and saw how much work it takes,” Ann said. “When they went off to pursue their different skills I didn’t expect them to come back, but I sure am glad they did.”

Anthony Road quickly became a leader in the Finger Lakes viticulture, research, and winemaking industries. Starting with a makeshift tasting room with less than 3,000 cases in production, Anthony Road has growing into a critically acclaimed wine company producing more than 10,000 cases annually with national and international distribution.

With nearly 100 acres of vineyards in production, Anthony Road has been instrumental in the cultivation of the Finger Lakes grape-growing industry.

“We are strong supporters of grape and wine research and educating future growers and winemakers,” John said. “I like to say that our grandchildren’s children will reap the benefits of the trials and errors that this generation is experiencing.”

John is quick to credit his winemakers including Wilber, Johannes Reinhardt, and now Peter Becraft. John also praised his son Peter, the vineyard manager.

“We’ve been lucky to have Johannes and now Peter and Derek before,” he said. “I can make wine but I have no attention to detail.

“All our kids went off someplace else. Peter (Martini) fixed cars for nine years in Jackson Hole, Wyo. There is no mechanical thing he is afraid of. That was a great education in that he was a hard worker and pays attention to the detail, which he does in the vineyards.”

The third generation of Anthony Road, Ann and John’s grandchildren, are also active in the family business. They work on the bottling line, take care of the lawn and garden, and work in the tasting room.

“We have been blessed with support from family and friends along the way and have had talented and gifted winemakers,” said Liz (Martini) Castner, tasting room manager. “We navigate through the day to day, guided by our experiences, working toward what we want to see, and motivated by the hard work and sacrifices our parents made over the years. I continue to be excited to share our story and the story of the vineyards and the wines.”

There are various ways people can celebrate with the Martinis this fall, including tasting the commemorative 2016 Sparkling Riesling. Guests also are invited to attend one of three intimate three-course wine pairing dinners, “Sunday Suppers,” held the first Sunday of each month.

To receive exclusive access to library wines and discounted event tickets, people are encouraged to become members of the family by joining the Family Wine Club.

While John said his children and grandchildren are doing the “heavy lifting,” there is a good chance you will see him and Ann at Anthony Road.

“Ann and I are still involved and very busy, which is good. On a recent weekend I had an opportunity to go around to the tables and see people. I like doing that. I was also washing dishes and busing tables ... and I still like to drive tractors,” he said. “It’s hard to believe, in one sense, that it’s been 30 years. It’s a good life.”