- Discover the effects of whole-body cryotherapy across the fields of beauty, medicine, sports and wellness

- Learn about the latest products, trends and cryotherapy success stories

BITTERFELD-WOLFEN, Germany, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MECOTEC Ltd. is pleased to announce its exclusive online event for operators, users and health professionals in the field of whole-body cryotherapy: MECOTEC4CRYO.

Immerse yourself in the innovative world of cryotherapy on 24 and 25 November 2020 and gain an expert understanding of its latest developments and applications through guided talks by leading professionals in the fields of beauty, medicine, sports and wellness.

A series of four digital lectures will be held where the audience can join the discussion and ask questions directly to the participating experts, including Managing Director of MECOTEC Ltd., Enrico Klauer.

Be our guest at #MECOTEC4CRYO and get comprehensive information about the latest innovative cryotherapy methods, market developments and products:

Enrico Klauer, CEO MECOTEC Ltd., Germany

"Past, Present and Future of Cryotechnology - powered by MECOTEC"

at the start of each session, November 24 and 25, 2020

Beauty | Diana Horemans, Cryofacial Expert & WBC Pro, Belgium

"cryoair Facials: The Most Effective Results through Freezing Cold"

Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 7:30 a.m. PST/10:30 a.m. EST

SPA and Studio | Dr. Massimo Gualerzi, Scientific Director of The Longevity Suite, Italy

"Cryotherapy and Longevity: The Power of Cold in Preventive and Regenerative Medicine"

Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 9:00 a.m. PST/12:00 a.m. EST

Medical | Prof. Dr. Christophe Hausswirth, Physiologist and cryo expert, France

"Whole-body Cryotherapy as an Advantage for Medical Issues: Potential Benefits and Practical Applications"

Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 7:30 a.m. PST/10:30 a.m. EST

Sports | Dr. Gerrit Keferstein a.k.a. "The Performance Doc", Sports medicine, Germany

"Cryo in Sports: Unleash Your Recovery"

Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 9:00 a.m. PST/12:00 a.m. EST

Click on the following link for further information about our online conference and the experts: https://www.mecotec.net/us/event/

Please register for MECOTEC4CRYO via our e-mail address: press@mecotec.net.

You will receive your login data by e-mail shortly before the event.

The coordination of individual background talks will be coordinated by Carolin Weinert, Corporate Communications MECOTEC Ltd. (e-mail: press@mecotec.net ).

We are looking forward to your participation and two trendsetting days of whole-body cryotherapy.

Carolin Weinert



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