PENN YAN — The Penn Yan Theatre Co. has received a $5,000 grant from Yates Community Endowment’s Yates Emergency Relief Fund to be used for programming and administrative costs.

The Emergency Relief Fund was established at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide emergency, recovery, and resiliency funding throughout Yates County. More than $150,000 was raised from individuals, families, businesses and other organizations; to date, 29 grants totaling $136,000 have been distributed.

“We are very thankful to have received this generous grant award to continue our programming efforts despite the ongoing health crisis,” PYTCo President Dusty Baker said. “Last year was challenging for the entire performing arts community, but we came together to find a way to make something happen. This grant will allow us to continue to explore virtual programming options as we continue to navigate these new waters and take those programs to the next level.”

Yates Community Endowment is under the guidance of an all-volunteer, all-local advisory board and a geographic affiliate of Rochester Area Community Foundation. Since its 2011 inception, the Endowment has distributed more than $700,000 in grants to non-profit organizations serving Yates County. These grants have provided scholarships for Yates County youth to attend summer camp, helped with disaster relief efforts after the flood of 2014, assisted in the creation of the HOPE Center, and connected people in need with programs to help improve their lives.

PYTCo also is working to revitalize the historic Sampson Theatre on East Elm Street.

To learn more about PYTCo or the Sampson Theatre, or to donate to the organization, visit

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