GENEVA — As one of the city’s energetic young entrepreneurs, Chad Lahr is always on the lookout for new business ideas.

The owner of Community Proud and its line of services that include screen printing and embroidery, along with marketing and promotional products, recently purchased — with several partners — Opus Expresso and Food Bar on Exchange Street.

His latest venture was hatched in a more unusual way.

“My wife and I went on vacation to Key West, Florida, and we had a little too much fun one night,” said Lahr.

Read: Hangover.

In Florida, he said, there are “hangover hospitals” where folks who imbibed too much the night before can get some relief through an IV bag with fluids and electrolytes and event meds designed to ease symptoms.

His wife, Jessica, gave it a shot.

“She felt amazingly better,” Lahr said. “I was a believer once I saw what it did.”

But Lahr and his partner, Dr. Arun Nagpaul, who specializes in adult medicine with Rochester Regional Health, said FLX Hydration is no hangover hospital.

While the business offers a hangover recovery IV bag, the emphasis, said Nagpaul, is on good health.

“We really want this to be a wellness center,” he said.

Dehydration is a problem for most Americans at one time or another.

“Seventy-five percent of Americans at any given time are walking around dehydrated,” Nagpaul said.

According to FLX Hydration, the human body is about 60 percent water, and the average adult loses about 2.5 liters of fluid daily. Caffeine, time in the sun and strenuous exercise are factors, as is drinking alcohol.

Dehydration, said Nagpaul, can leave you sluggish and tired.

“When you’re well-hydrated, you feel better and you function better,” he said.

“And when you’re well-hydrated, your skin is more radiant,” added Lahr.

The business offers four different IVs: one for general dehydration; another for athletic performance; one for general wellness; and one for hangover recovery.

The athletic performance IV bag “is going to be a big market for us,” said Lahr, because of the many physically challenging athletic events in the region, including the 16th annual Musselman Triathlon, which takes place this weekend in Geneva and the Finger Lakes.

Lahr said they are hoping to get pre- and post-race business for the athletic-performance offering, which includes, as FLX Hydration describes it, “essential ingredients to perform longer, at a higher level.” Ingredients include amino acids, B vitamins and electrolyte IV fluid. The goal, said Lahr and Nagpaul, is hydration, improving endurance, energy and muscle recovery.

“We’re going to be on-site for all these major athletic events in the Finger Lakes,” Lahr said.

He said FLX Hydration “is the first of its kind” in the Finger Lakes.

Nagpaul and Lahr want to emphasize that considerable care goes into the service, which is offered by appointment only.

Physical exams are needed before customers — who relax in comfy chairs while hooked up to IVs — can receive treatment, Nagpaul said.

“It’s considered a medical treatment,” he said, adding that the exams can be done remotely through telemedicine. Most people will be eligible for treatment.

Experienced nurses who do this type of work at their daily jobs will administer the IVs, they said.

With additional space in the rear of the Exchange Street site, they hope to add more wellness-type offerings, such as massage therapy, said Nagpaul.

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