GENEVA — At the dawn of a new season in Hobart and William Smith Athletics, all 23 varsity teams for both the Statesmen and the Herons will be sporting new looks.

The colors for each college will remain the same — purple, orange and white for Hobart and green and white for William Smith — but the logos have gotten quite the facelift.

Since 1937, Hobart has been known as the Statesmen following an article in the New York Times that referred to the Hobart football players as, “statesmen from Geneva.” Since then, Hobart athletes have donned the orange and purple.

The new Statesman logo features a modern revision aimed at attracting recruits and resonating with alums and fans while still maintaining the school’s historic colors and mascot.

As for the Heron logo, it is far more sleek and modern with less detail in the wings of the bird. A problem of the previous design was that it was tough to replicate the highly-detailed wings. The new logo seems to be fiercer and features more movement.

William Smith became the “Herons” after a “powerful and graceful” blue heron flew over field hockey practice. Then coaches Mary Stowell Nelson and Ginger Adams Simon submitted the name in a campus-wide contest that beat out 175 other proposals.

The colleges collaborated with SME, Inc., a branding company whose client list includes the New York Yankees, the Minnesota Wild, the Kentucky Derby and many others.

Throughout the design process SME held focus groups with students, athletes, faculty, alums and the Statesmen Athletic Association — as well as with the Heron Society — before deciding on the final designs.

The implementation of the new logos will be done immediately across all-HWS digital sites as well as on the jerseys of sports teams this fall.

While wearing the previous logos, Hobart and William Smith have combined to win 28 team or individual national championships and hundreds of All-American awards over 100 conference championships.

The Statesmen and the Herons will look to gain even more success donning the logos of a new era of HWS athletic history.

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