Welcome to Fleur De Lis Brew Works where small batch craft beer is brewed with the best ingredients; the way beer was intended.

At Fleur De Lis Brew Works, the Partee family business of two brothers & their wives have elected to one-up the farm brewery moniker by moving towards all-estate brewing. A farm brewery is New York recognized category where beer is brewed with a minimum 60% New York grown ingredients. The goal of estate brewing means the majority of ingredients would be grown on-site. . The family recognizes the importance of supporting local agriculture & the unique terroir the Finger Lakes offers. As such, Fleur De Lis Brew Works truly serves beer from farm to glass.

Currently, Jon Paul Partee, head brewer, partners with a local farmer to ensure all two-row barley, the base grain for all beer, is grown in Seneca County. Depending on the season, visitors may see barley, oats or wheat in the surrounding fields.

Hops are another essential ingredient in beer. Presently on Jon Paul’s farmette located in Tyre, over ten varieties of hops are spread among three acres. In addition, visitors to the craft beer parlour can see the three varieties grown in the South lawn. Between the two locations, much of the hops in the brews are local.

All great beer starts with good water. Fleur De Lis Brew Works beer is brewed with naturally filtered limestone well water offering it a distinct quality not found in commercial breweries.

The combination of the best grain, hops & water make delicious, fresh, brewed on site beers.

Tours are offered when available throughout the year. The Partees are happy to share the story of the foundations of beer starting from limestone filtered water to the climbing hop bines, grain grown & milled on site. The tour finishes with the brewing & kegging process…then Beth will be happy to pour a pint or flight sampling if you choose!

Patrons are welcome to explore the estate. Many features are scattered throughout the property; take a walk around and discover your favorite place to savor a pint or flight. There is a fountain to enjoy the calming sound of flowing water mixed in with song birds. The creek in front and in back of the property has water levels fluctuating based on rainfall. The rose garden with its flagstone patio has locally sourced limestone seating and is adjacent to the hop yard. For those more adventurous, a 9-hole disc golf course & yard games offer recreation. On inclement weather days, the craft beer parlour offers warmth and comfort.

Fleur De Lis Brew Works is part of the Partee legacy. The fleur de lis symbol, part of the company logo, depicts a stylized lily. This French symbol comprises part of the family’s coat of arms and is featured in the logo and throughout the property. Brew Works conjures images of a historic waterworks plant. The stainless steel brewing equipment is on full display with exposed plumbing and piping. The combination of stainless equipment, copper bar and patina metal compliment the brick, historic barn boards and Edison lighting in the beer parlour. In tribute to their heritage, they named the brewery Fleur De Lis Brew Works.

Other additions to the logo represent hops and barley between the fleur de lis; both key ingredients to beer. The logo provides an organic feel; this leans towards the Partee’s farming legacy. The four partners take pride in being good stewards of the land and resources. The property has been in the Partee farming family for three generations.

The Partees enjoy the country life and the craft beer community and want you to do the same. They believe abundance should be relished. That’s why they contribute to success with others. They are dedicated to the craft by supporting the community. Whether that is merchandise sharing or donating to local organizations, the Partees hope you will support the chosen cause.

The family at Fleur De Lis Brew Works hopes you visit to enjoy the fruits of their labor–great craft beer, a unique atmosphere, spectacular grounds and good company. Sante!

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