LEXINGTON, Ky. - A Georgetown, Ky., man was found guilty Thursday of assaulting a protester outside a Donald Trump rally last August in downtown Cincinnati, according to media reports.

Dallas Frazier, 30, faces 180 days in jail when he is sentenced later this month, according to Fox 19.

Video showed Frazier exiting a truck and squaring up in a fighting stance toward 61-year-old Mike Alter. Frazier then punches him at least three times before he was detained by police.

Alter had to go to the emergency room after the assault and needed eye surgery, WLWT reported. He told WCPO it was the first political protest he ever attended.

Testifying on the stand Thursday, Alter said he was in disbelief after the attack, "Like, 'Did this really happen?'" according to WLWT.

Frazier's defense attorney argued that Alter made statements and gestures that provoked the fight, such as taking off his baseball cap and motioning for Frazier to come at him, Cincinnati's City Beat reported.

In one of the jail calls played during the trial Wednesday, Frazier told his brother he didn't regret what he did. He told his brother Alter called him a "p(ASTERISK)(ASTERISK)(ASTERISK)(ASTERISK) b(ASTERISK)(ASTERISK)(ASTERISK)(ASTERISK)," then spit on him, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

"I wish I would have dropped his a(ASTERISK)(ASTERISK) like a sack of flour. I would have looked a lot cooler," Frazier said in one of the jail calls. "At least I only hit one dude. (Now) he'll have to go to the hospital every time he sneezes to get his eye put back in."

Frazier was not put on the stand during the trial and declined to comment after he was found guilty, Fox 19 said.

Alter told WLWT he was satisfied with the guilty verdict.

"Justice was served. This has kind of dimmed my faith in humanity," he told WLWT.

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