NAPLES — Bristol Valley Theater has returned to live, outdoor theater with six plays — two of which happened in June, two which are going on at the moment, and two more set to start in August.

Here is what is happening at the moment:

• “Dead Air,” a world premiere mystery/comedy written and directed by Bristol Valley Theater Executive Artistic Director Karin Bowersock, stars Zak West and Brian Ziemann, both of whom are BVT and Nazareth College alumni. West and Ziemann play Tom and Sid, employees at a small-town radio station who accidentally destroyed the recording of “Make Mine A Mystery,” the station’s most popular mystery show, just moments before showtime. The two must spin their own tale of mystery and murder live on the air.

“Dead Air” opened July 15 and continues with performances at 8 p.m. today(July 23) and Thursday(July 29), and at 2 p.m. Saturday(July 24), Wednesday(July 28) and July 31.

• “Mala” is running repertory with “Dead Air.” “Mala” is a drama about a first-generation daughter on the universal journey to care for and say goodbye to a mother who is reaching the end of her life. “Mala” was written by Melinda Lopez and stars Rochester local Mary Mendez Rizzo.

“Mala” opened July 14 and has performances scheduled for 8 p.m. Saturday(July 24), Wednesday(July 28) and July 30.

BVT’s summer season is being performed outdoors, on a newly constructed outdoor stage, with limited, socially distanced seating at 151 S. Main St.

Tickets for virtual and in-person attendance are on sale. Buy them at or by calling the box office at (585) 374-6318.

Streaming options for all performances are available at

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