New York livestock producers who have prevented-planting claims as a result of the significantly wet spring have received a one-time change from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Risk Management Agency for the 2019 crop year.

Prevented-planting is a crop-insurance provision that provides coverage to farmers when flooding prevents planting.

This one-time change now allows silage corn as an acceptable post-prevented planting cover crop. What it means is that farmers can produce corn silage while keeping their prevented-planting payment in addition to previously announced one-time changes that include expanded acceptable uses for post-prevented-planting cover crops and a change in the cover-crop haying and grazing start date.

All of the one-time changes are designed to assist livestock producers having difficulty meeting their forage needs due to earlier weather conditions.

Find more information about this one-time rule change and links to additional resources on prevented planting, visit the Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension website at or contact Judy Wright, Agriculture Economic Development specialist, at or (315) 539-9251, ext. 109.

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