LODI — A Republican Party primary for town supervisor appears likely.

Mark Benjamin, community relations director for Seneca Meadows the past several years, has announced plans to run for supervisor in this Seneca County town. If he submits the required party petitions by the April 4 deadline, he will force a primary against incumbent Republican Supervisor Lee Davidson, who said he will seek re-election this fall.

Davidson also is required to file the petitions by the deadline.

Benjamin, 44, made the announcement on his Facebook page over the weekend.

“I am officially announcing my candidacy for Lodi town supervisor,” he said. “I would like to bring fresh eyes and enthusiasm to the town of Lodi.”

Benjamin thanked Davidson for his “multiple terms of service to our great town.”

Benjamin lives at 9403 Route 414. He enrolled as a Republican in 2017 after not being connected to a party prior to that.

Davidson has held the position since 2006. He was elected to fill a vacancy in 2007, took office in January 2007 and was re-elected to four-year terms in 2011 and ’15.

“I am going to run for one more four-year term as supervisor of the town of Lodi,” Davidson said. “I have projects that I would like to finish and continue to serve the people of Lodi.”

New election laws this year will see state, federal and local primary elections held June 25. Before 2019, state and federal primaries were in June and local primaries in September.

The change has resulted in an earlier process for nominating petitions. The first day to sign a party petition is Feb. 26. The petitions must be submitted between April 1-4.

Eleven of the 14 members of the Seneca County Board of Supervisors are up for election this year. The only ones whose terms do not expire are Cindy Lorenzetti of Fayette, Ron McGreevy of Tyre, and Don Trout of Waterloo.

One incumbent has said he will not seek re-election. Walt Prouty, R-Ovid, said he will not seek a new term. “I’m completing my second four-year term. I’m not running again mainly for health reasons. I want to take it easy,’’ Prouty said.

Seneca County voters also will elect a district attorney and a sheriff in November.

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