Honeoye Lake

Bikers enjoy the scenic views of Honeoye Lake as they pedal through Harriet Hollister State Park. The lake is the first with confirmed blue-green algae in the 2020 season.

HONEOYE β€” A popular swimming area on Honeoye Lake was closed Tuesday after blue-green algae was found.

The Ontario County Public Health Department reported the closure of the Sandy Bottom Beach swimming area after the Geneva district office of the state Department of Health confirmed the algae bloom. The area is closed to swimmers until further notice.

Officials said people should avoid contact with algae blooms and keep dogs out of them as well. It is safe to swim and boat in areas of the lake without visible algae.

Blue-green algae occur naturally in bodies of water in low numbers. Algae can become abundant during prolonged hot weather, discoloring water and forming scum β€” particularly in warm, shallow areas.

Some blue-green algae produce toxins and pose a health risk to people and animals if exposed in large enough quantities. Symptoms of toxin exposure may include allergic reactions or eye, skin, nose and throat irritation, and nervous system damage if ingested in large amounts.

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