GENEVA — After investigating for several days, city police have arrested a local man in an alleged shaken baby case.

Brent S. Paylor, 30, was charged Thursday with a felony count of reckless assault of a child and a misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Police said the charges stem from an incident last Saturday, when officers responded to Wadsworth Street residence just after 11 a.m. for a report of an infant having trouble breathing. They found a 3-month-old child unconscious and gasping for breath.

Finger Lakes Ambulance personnel also arrived, immediately taking the child to Geneva General Hospital.

The baby was stabilized at Geneva General and later taken by a Mercy Flight Central helicopter to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. Geneva Police Lt. Matt Valenti said the child is still at Strong, but the officer is unaware of the prognosis.

The investigation started later Saturday and continued up to the arrest. Police said Paylor, the baby's father, caused serious physical injury by shaking the child, resulting in subdural and retinal hemorrhaging.

“We conferred with the (Ontario County) district attorney’s office on the investigation,” Valenti said. “We had to wait until we talked to medical professionals before making an arrest, on what the injuries were and what could have caused them.”

Valenti added that the incident happened in the presence of a 2-year-old child, leading to the endangering charge.

Paylor was taken to the county jail for arraignment.

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