GENEVA — The city is looking to replace lead water- service lines in the coming months.

The city has received a $536,000 state grant that allows the lines to be replaced at no cost to property owners, officials said.

Homeowners can test their own lines or have city staff do so for them.

“The majority of Geneva properties do not still have this kind of service line, but we want to make sure that we try to replace all of them possible with this grant,” said city spokesperson Rhonda Everdyke.

The city said service pipes that contain lead can corrode, causing lead to enter drinking water. However, the city stressed, the presence of a lead service line does not always mean a home has a lead issue.

To test your own line, the city has an instruction sheet that can be found on its website at and at the City Clerk’s counter at City Hall, 47 Castle St.

If a homeowner has a lead service line, grant funds can be used to replace the entire length of the line from the water main to the residence.

To set up an appointment for the test, contact Collette Barnard at the City of Geneva at (315) 828-6585 or email

If you test your own line and discover lead, call for a replacement program application.

If the city conducts the test and your home has a lead service line, you will be contacted to complete an application for participation in the program.

For more information, contact Mark Perry, the city’s director of public works, at or call (315) 789-3101.


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