LYONS β€” The cleanup of a former manufactured gas plant at 21 Water St. is expected to begin in July.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation announced that the cleanup of contamination at the half-acre site will be performed under a consent order between DEC and New York State Electric & Gas Corporation. The site is at the northwest corner of the intersection of Water and Geneva streets in the former village of Lyons.

The cleanup will be performed by NYSEG with oversight by the DEC and the State Health Department. The remedial action will take an estimated seven months, according to the DEC.

The work will consist of:

β€’ Treating subsurface soil in two areas with in-place soil solidification to a maximum depth of 27.5 feet. This will involve mixing soil and cement to immobilize contamination in place.

β€’ Excavating the top four feet of soil to accommodate volume expansion. If the soil is found to exceed limits, it will be transported offsite for disposal and replaced with acceptable soil.

β€’ Excavating surface soil to a foot below ground surface in two areas and disposing of the soil off site.

β€’ Excavating surface and subsurface soil to a depth of four feet in one area that exceeds contamination limits and disposing of it offsite.

β€’ Backfilling the excavated areas with clean, imported soil.

β€’ Constructing a site cover of buildings, pavement or sidewalk.

β€’ Implementing institutional controls in the form of an environmental easement.

β€’ Developing a site management plan to assess the effectiveness of the remediation.

After cleanup, NYSEG will prepare a final engineering report and keep the public informed during the cleanup.

The site is within a mixed commercial and residential area in the central business district. It consists of two parcels owned by NYSEG and the town of Lyons. It is used as a municipal parking lot and a NYSEG gas regulator station is in the grass-covered median between the parking lots.

The site was operated as a manufactured gas plant, making gas from coal, from 1859 to 1917. It was later used for the storage and distribution of natural gas and as a governor building. That building was demolished in 1976 and made into a parking lot.

The public can view documents related to the site at the Lyons Public Library, 122 Broad St. The telephone number is (315) 946-9262.

If the library is closed due to the coronavirus, the information can be obtained by contacting Kiera Thompson of the DEC at (518) 402-9662 or at

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