CANANDAIGUA — Jeff Taylor has worked in the Ontario County Courthouse for nearly 25 years, and seldom a day goes by that he doesn’t appreciate its history and architecture.

So a few months ago, he began snapping photos on his “trusty smart phone” and posted them on Facebook. As a result, the Ontario County Bar Association may use them in a fundraising calendar later this year.

“I’ve worked in the Ontario County Courthouse the past 24-plus years. Day in, day out, it’s a beautiful building with wonderful history,” said Taylor, an assistant district attorney. “I love giving visitors a ‘tour’ as needed and it’s a pleasure just knowing I’m working in such a historical building where the Susan B. Anthony trial occurred.”

Taylor took a number of regular and quirky photos, and after posting them online got instant feedback. If the bar association decides to use them, he will donate them.

“I can say I’m not a professional photographer, but I do enjoy taking photos on my trusty smart phone,” Taylor said, noting he’s taken numerous pictures during three trips to China and one to New Zealand — all to visit his sons studying or working abroad.

Sonali Suvvaru, president of the county bar association, said the organization is interested in Taylor’s photos for a calendar.

“I have admired Jeff’s collections, including the courthouse series,” Suvvaru said.

The courthouse was built in 1858 and underwent an expansion and renovation in 1908. It has two full-size courtrooms on the second floor and a small one on the ground floor.

There are plans to renovate the third floor of the courthouse, which includes the Board of Supervisors’ meeting room, into another full-size courtroom. Part of the project will be security upgrades mandated by the state.

The courthouse is on the National Registry of Historic Places, as well as the state and local registry. It was chosen in 1873 as the site of the Susan B. Anthony trial.

“It really is astounding that such an important trial occurred here in Ontario County,” Taylor said. “The result was wrong, but the cause prevailed.”

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