Foundry area cleanup

Properties in this section of Middle Street in the city of Geneva are targeted for possible cleanup under the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s plans for Geneva Foundry-related remediation in 2018. Cleanup of selected properties — based on soil sampling — will begin in April, said the DEC.

GENEVA — The state Department of Environmental Conservation is preparing for a second year of cleaning up contaminated properties near the former Geneva Foundry, with nearly twice as many on the to-do list for 2018.

With work set to begin next month, the DEC and state Department of Health are co-hosting public availability sessions from 3 to 5 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. March 27 in the Our Lady of Peace Parish Center at 110 Exchange St. Property owners and residents will be able to meet with DEC and health department representatives one-on-one to discuss property-specific soil-sampling results, 2018 construction plans, and other aspects of the project.

DEC said the project’s second year includes the removal of contaminated soil from roughly 40 residential properties. Most of the cleanup will focus on the areas east and west of Exchange Street, primarily near State and Middle streets.

The 2018 remediation season follows a year of work that included screening and sampling 135 properties. Cleanup projects started in July, resulting in 21 properties remediated and another 19 that were determined to be safe, based on DEC and DOH screening data, the DEC said.

As with last year’s project, contaminated soils will be removed from properties and taken off site for safe disposal, the DEC said. Clean fill will be brought in to replace the excavated soil.

A total of 220 properties have been identified as possibly contaminated with lead and arsenic, the result of air emissions from the former foundry operations on Jackson Street.

The DEC said it plans to perform 2018 cleanups on blocks of properties to allow simultaneous remediation work. Officials are meeting with property owners identified for 2018 remediation, and one of the most important aspects of those sessions is gaining consent from the property owner for access.

The city recently finished its cleanup of the foundry property and will be reseeding the now- vacant land this spring.

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