ROMULUS — Information about Earl Martin’s Seneca Dairy Systems project proposed for a 75-acre parcel on the former Seneca Army Depot was presented to the public Thursday.

Martin and consultants focused primarily on the galvanizing plant that would be part of the $19.7 million, three-phase, 10-year project.

Seneca Dairy Systems would be an expansion of Martin’s current business, Seneca Iron Works on Hoster Road in Fayette. The company makes iron and steel fencing, stalls and animal pens for the dairy and other agricultural industries.

It was said that air emission would be limited because the galvanizing tanks would be covered when not in use and hooded when in use. Martin also said the tanks would include some 8,600 gallons of phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid and two rinse tanks.

Martin said hydrochloric acid is a safer and less toxic alternative to the sulfuric acid used in early galvanizing processes. He also said dipping steel into the tanks to coat them with protective metal film would include a process for removing grease, oil and rust from the tanks.

There would no floor drains, so anything spilled would be contained in rubber mats. People were told that there is no other state-of-the-art galvanizing plant like it now in operation.

More information about the manufacturing area, office building and warehouse parts of the project is available from the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency or Martin.

Additional information will be available at the IDA public hearing at 6 p.m. July 24 at the Romulus Municipal Building, 1435 Prospect St., Willard. That hearing will focus on the IDA’s plan to offer Seneca Dairy Systems a tax exemption from sales tax, an exemption from the mortgage recording tax and a Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) agreement.

There will also be a cost versus benefits analysis and the State Environmental Quality Review Act report at the July 24 hearing.

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