Castle Street

This is what Castle Street would look like under the city of Geneva’s Downtown Streetscape Project, a long-awaited project that begins Monday.

GENEVA — The long-anticipated Routes 5&20 Corridor Reconfiguration and Downtown Streetscape Project gets underway Monday.

Joe Venuti, the city’s public works director, said the general contractor, Geneva-based Nardozzi Paving and Construction, will begin preliminary work in the downtown streetscape phase of the project for 2021. The second phase, a redesign of 5&20 in the downtown area, will be done in 2022.

The multimillion-dollar project is funded in part by the city’s $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative award received in 2016. The money funded a number of private projects as well, all of which have been completed.

“We are excited to get started on the DRI project,” Venuti said.

The work that starts Monday includes clearing trees and other vegetation, as well some surveying and marking of underground utilities.

On the following Monday, June 21, things get going in earnest. Construction will begin on the east side of Exchange, starting from Castle Street, Venuti said.

“The Exchange Street area from Castle Street to Lewis Street will see a fair amount of construction activity, as a good portion of this area is slated for full depth reconstruction,” Venuti said.

Venuti said the project schedule was submitted for city review by Nardozzi Construction, and two-week updates to share with the community are required. He said those project updates and information will be available through an app called Instant Input, which can be downloaded to a smartphone. To download, visit your app store or

The outreach doesn’t end there, Venuti noted.

“We will be mailing property owners within the Business Improvement District construction and project information,” he said. “We will be hand distributing to businesses information on the instant input app and, of course, our city website and Facebook sites will also have project updates. We are creating a button on our website home page to point people to the project updates and instructions on the instant input app.”

Venuti said the project will cause downtown driving challenges.

“The city acknowledges that living, working and visiting inside the construction zone will cause inconveniences,” he said. “For everyone’s safety and stress reduction, we ask that everyone please give themselves an extra amount of time or plan alternate routing to get their (downtown) destinations.”

Through traffic will be allowed, said Venuti, who added that “it is important to note that access to all businesses will be maintained during construction, but it will be a work in progress.”

Venuti said the contractor must “substantially complete” the projects within 480 calendar days. However, the downtown streetscape work — it involves parts of Castle, Exchange and Main streets — must be completed this year. Only then can Nardozzi start on the 5&20 work, he said.

For questions about the project, contact City Manager Sage Gerling, the communication leader of the project, at or (315) 789-6104.

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