Matt Miller (2020)


My name is Matt Miller, and I am a 25-year-old veteran and working-class New Yorker. Growing up in the Finger Lakes region I learned the value of hard work and determination. At the age of 17, I joined the Army National Guard as an Intelligence Analyst where I learned the importance of integrity, selfless service, honor, duty and personal courage. My experience in the military, my drive to help others and the unwillingness to accept the way things are, led me to become the first Democratic candidate for the 131st Assembly district in over a decade.

While I am running as a Democrat, I am running to be the representative of everyone in the district, not just those who vote for me. I have no allegiance to party bosses and will approach every decision with a bipartisan approach. For too long hyper-partisanship has created division and chaos that has only led to more challenges for the everyday New Yorker.

Now more than ever with the challenges of the pandemic we need a representative who will work tirelessly to bring us all together to overcome the challenges we all face. While my opponent talks about “wringing some necks” of Democrats, I am building a bipartisan, multi-generational coalition to bring Upstate values to the majority and the necessary attention to our communities’ issues. Our farmers desperately need help, our schools are clinging to every lifeline, parents are budgeting every penny for healthcare, our lakes are changing for the worse and the list goes on. While making changes to bail reform and more specifically the discovery aspect of the law are important, our focus must be on helping our district not only get through but recover from the pandemic.

In my New York Restoration Plan (found at I have laid out exactly how to help NY-131 and the state recover from the pandemic. First and foremost, we must provide relief to those severely affected by COVID-19, like small family farms, for example. My plan calls for the elimination of property taxes for small family farms by 100% to help alleviate financial burdens. We must also provide relief to the childcare industry while working alongside not only families but employers. Right now, many parents are making the impossible decision to either go back to work or stay home with their kids as many students are now home for and from school. Investing in the childcare industry is vital to the recovery of our economy. Taxing our billionaires while eliminating wasteful spending is the quickest and best way to close the massive deficit our state is facing. By creating a small wealth tax on NYS billionaires we can shift Medicaid costs away from property taxes, which immediately would help every working class New Yorker by lowering their taxes. Too many New Yorkers are fleeing the state, especially those my age and by lowering taxes, we can keep them here.

I am focused on the issues that matter most to all of us, regardless of party. Helping our small businesses, bolstering our farms, protecting our lakes, funding our schools, creating jobs and lowering taxes are all things every party can agree on. When you elect me to this seat, you will be electing yourself to this seat, and together our voices will be heard in the majority, and our district will no longer be looked over and brushed aside. Our Upstate values will finally have a voice and the systems that hold us all back will finally be dismantled.

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