Tom Reed


Having held more than 270 town hall meetings, our record of approachability and accessibility is one we can be proud of. We are always available to answer questions and address the needs of New Yorkers. It’s only fair that voters know where the candidates stand on real issues that affect their everyday lives.

I’m willing to work with anyone in order to help people, and I’m working to break the gridlock in Washington and put an end to the partisan games. That’s why I founded the Problem Solvers Caucus, a group evenly split between Republicans and Democrats who believe in solving problems and finding common ground to help people. As co-chairman of the Problem Solvers Caucus, I’m striving to end dysfunction in Washington. Our work to pass The Great American Outdoors Act to protect our environment and the USMCA Trade Agreement to create jobs are just a couple of our recent accomplishments.

Together, we put forward proposals that solve problems for the people like bringing both sides together toward a compromise on a COVID-19 relief bill that would provide much needed relief to the American people. We are determined to build a broad coalition of support for our energy sector innovation tax credit. Climate change is an issue Congress will have to tackle — we want to ensure rational, market-based solutions that boost innovation and economic opportunity are considered. Building upon our bipartisan successes and initiatives to fix Washington will be a priority moving into the next Congress. We plan to expand the Caucus, and are looking at opportunities to work with the Senate more. All this means more opportunities to make Congress a better, functioning legislative body that responds to the needs of the people.

During these uncertain times, the health and security of New Yorkers are our top priorities. We are working hard to fight the pandemic and safely reopen our economy and keep it open. We have been able to secure over $90 million for our local hospitals. We delivered hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 tests to our region, enough to ensure our economy could safely reopen and stay open. During the height of the pandemic, we organized regional hospital cooperation, ensuring our hospitals and their frontline healthcare workers have the resources they need to stay safe, fight the virus, and keep their doors open during this crisis.

We’ve helped to craft bipartisan stimulus legislation — we want to take our approach and apply it to future recovery efforts. We are already thinking about what’s around the corner and how we can facilitate an aggressive economic recovery. We’ve formed a 150+ regional economic recovery team — these relationships and conversations will be critical to ensuring Western New York isn’t left behind. We want to bring our economy to a point where it is stronger and more resilient than ever.

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