To the Editor:

Have you heard about New York's Environmental Rights Amendment? If you're a registered voter in NY you will have a chance to vote on this amendment (also known as Proposal 2) on the reverse side of your election ballot on Nov. 2.

The wording of the amendment is: "Each person shall have a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment."

A "yes" vote means it will become part of NY's Bill of Rights in our state constitution. The Bill of Rights contains the fundamental rights that all New Yorkers possess, like freedom of speech and religion. The right to clean air and water is an important addition. One of the outcomes of the amendment would be that all state and local government bodies would have to consider environmental rights in their decision making.

Further, it would make it easier for communities (remember Love Canal and Hoosick Falls?) facing contamination from toxic industrial chemicals to fight and win battles against industrial polluters (like Hooker Chemical and DuPont). Our future generations deserve to have strong environmental rights protecting them.


Groton, Tompkins County

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