To the Editor:

Election 2020 pits the two major political parties against each other charting vastly different courses. The Democrat party and candidates pledge they will “transform America” with their Secular-Socialist agenda. The Republican party and candidates pledge they will “keep America great” by following the Constitutional Republic course set forth by our founders.

There is a long list of critical issues on which the two forces take opposing positions.

Certainly the COVID-19 pandemic and the economy have been and are at the top of the list, followed by the nation’s energy future, immigration and a host of others. With the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the SCOTUS and RBG’s replacement have now become one of the leading issues because of the bitterly contested positions of “abortion” by both parties.

The actions/words of the Republican candidates support protection and the right to life of the child in utero whereas the actions/words of the Democrat candidates deny that child protection and the right to life.

The Senate must complete the Constitutional process of accepting or rejecting President Trump's chosen nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. This process must be completed by Nov. 3, the official end of Election 2020. Hopefully, this will result in having all nine Supreme Court justices in place for what promises to be an extremely litigious final vote count for Election 2020, many cases ultimately decided by the SCOTUS.

Since the middle of the last century, when the SCOTUS made the abominably wrong and ill-informed Roe v. Wade decision, the advances in scientific and medical knowledge about the child in utero have been truly remarkable. Tragically there are those, now in the 21st century, who refuse to accept these extraordinary advancements.

Fortunately, support continues to grow by “we the people” for the greater protection of the pre-born, supported by Republicans, unfortunately opposed by Democrats. It is long past time to correct last century’s archaic and ill-informed decision. Hopefully, prayerfully RBG’s replacement will recognize the humanity, the personhood of the pre-born and be a strong voice and supporter in the SCOTUS of the child in utero.



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