To the Editor:

Send Tom Reed home to Corning. He is out of touch with the people that he has pretended to serve for the past 10 years. How do we know we doesn’t serve us? Well, 86% of his campaign donors are from outside our district; 59% aren’t even from New York state! Where do his loyalties lay? Why won’t residents of the district donate to his campaign? Because we know that in his time in Washington, he has done almost nothing for us.

Mr. Reed knows it, too, because none of his campaign materials talk about his sad record; instead he calls his opponents names: extreme, radical, liberal. Poor Mr. Reed’s vocabulary has gotten so small that soon all he will be able to do is point at people and make faces. Send him back to his hometown, where he has lost the vote four out of the past five elections by the people who know him. Tom Reed is out of touch with our values.

Then send Tracy Mitrano to replace him in Congress.

An educator, attorney, historian and a cybersecurity expert, Tracy isn’t just smart, she actually cares about people. Mr. Reed is good at at least one thing: pretending to care. I am Tom’s city councilman. When he comes home, I’ll take him around the neighborhood, and help him get his values straight. Meanwhile, Tracy will be in Congress, working for the people of New York’s 23rd Congressional District.


Corning City Councilman representing the 4th Ward

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