To the Editor:

What qualities do you consider when you decide to cast your ballot for mayor of Canandaigua? Are you looking for someone who is dedicated to our community? Are you looking for someone who actively works to preserve our lake? Are you looking for someone committed to developing solutions that benefit the local population and who listens to their feedback? These are the qualities I look for in a local elected official. Dan Unrath is my candidate for mayor.

I first met Dan about a year and a half ago during my daily walks with my dog to Dalai Java coffee house to enjoy the best cup of coffee in town. Dan is a frequent customer. He is genuinely interested in how people are doing, probing with questions about how the city has worked to manage through the past few challenging years. He is interested in people’s thoughts, constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas on how the city could be doing a better job. He has usually just finished a long walk around the city to stay in touch with the community. And he is usually headed to some other volunteer opportunity, such as Meals on Wheels or something focused on preserving our lake.

Local government, at its best, is focused on caring for our community. It is about working together to deliver services that benefit the community at the lowest cost possible. Dan Unrath is dedicated to doing this for Canandaigua and to keeping it the chosen spot.



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