To the Editor:

Voter control over government is limited at best. There are two propositions on the back of the ballot in Yates County this year. If both of these propositions are approved by voters, they will forever give up even more of their control over local government.

Yates County legislators' terms of office will double. They will face election, competition from other candidates and the possibility of being voted out only once every four years. They will gain longevity and the voters will give up a degree of control.

In addition to that self-serving law, voter approval also is being asked to reduce the elected treasurers position to little more than a figurehead. If approved by voters the Legislature will then take control and appoint someone to take over most of the duties and responsibilities that are now under control of the elected treasurer. That appointed person will be under the control of the Legislature. The position of elected treasurer will be retained but with so little to do that the position will be little more than a figurehead and likely be reduced to part time.

Voters will forever surrender control giving more and more power and longevity to the legislators. Please be sure to vote no on both propositions on the back of the ballot


Penn Yan

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