To the Editor:

If you like racial bias, a KKK supporter, no respect for our American soldiers that fought and died for all of us — calling them suckers and losers — and if you don't mind drinking contaminated water, breathing polluted air and all because of EPA environmental cutbacks to enrich the rich even more. If you don't mind losing your Social Security, Medicare cuts, no money for school children lunches, cutting unemployment payments. If you feel those carrying an AR-15 at a peaceful demonstration have the right to their beliefs. If you believe buying more guns solves the problem of thousands of Americans living in poverty, losing their jobs, losing their homes, and having no heath insurance.

Well, we did vote in a man (and I use this word loosely) with zero government experience, six bankruptcies, four college deferments, 22 sexual assault charges, and let's not forget his character.

Yes, just the background and experience we need for our next president of the United States of America. Make no mistake, four more years and you will witness an authoritarian fascist dictator in progress.



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