To the Editor:

Mr. D’Amico ("Voice of D'Amocracy, Finger Lakes Times, Oct. 26) fails to realize that we have extensive “socialism” in the USA.

President Harry Truman, in 1952, said, "Socialism is a scareword they have hurled at every advance the people have made in the last 20 years. Socialism is what they called public power. Socialism is what they called Social Security. Socialism is what they called farm price supports. Socialism is what they called bank deposit insurance. Socialism is what they called the growth of free and independent labor organizations. Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps all the people."

Why are conservatives so averse to beneficial change? They make “socialism” a dirty word.

They confuse it with communism, which has clearly been unsuccessful as a governing policy (witness the failed USSR and its puppet states).

Mr. D’Amico fails to understand that we DO depend on the government for much of our needs as outlined by President Truman. One can add the police, fire departments, Public Health, the military, and many other socially beneficial agencies to Truman’s list.

In fact, the current federal government has failed us by NOT taking control (socialism?) of the current pandemic. We could have avoided the current nationwide deadly COVID surge if there had been a national mandate for wearing masks and other preventative measures.

As to the suggestion that the 3-year investigation was futile, that is simply wrong. Many of the president’s minions are now in jail. And Muller says that the president was not exonerated.

I do concur with his conclusion: VOTE. The results will affect generations to come.



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