To the Editor:

In response to all of the comments about Yates County proposal 1, extending the legislature term from 2 to 4 years, I believe there needs some explanation as to why I support this. I have always believed the community should decide what happens in our government and am glad this has been brought for a vote, regardless of the results. I promised Milo that I would work on changing the things that need to be changed and this is one of them. Here is why I support this:

1) It will increase the opportunity for the working person to run as a legislator. Currently, the opportunities are so limited. It is difficult for the working person to appropriate time to campaign for this position. Not only are the meetings held during working hours, this position calls for campaigning every other year. If you are dedicated and do the right job, you will be busy from February to November knocking on doors and talking with people, every other year.

2) It allows for more time to be applied to the job. Right now, the candidates work a year and then run a year. Something has to be neglected in this situation, either your employment, your family or your legislative position.

3) Currently, the legislature has the potential to have a complete turnover as there are no staggered years. A 4-year term would allow the terms to be staggered, thus preventing turnover of the whole legislature.

4) It would provide for continuity. It takes some time to really understand all that is involved with this position. It was established for people from our community to have a voice in regard to making laws and how money is spent.

5) The argument that it needs to be a 2-year term as the government has 2-year terms is not appropriate. If you look at our local government, our village board has 4-year terms. Were those established for the very reasons that I outlined?

As you see, I support this change not to be self-serving but rather to open this opportunity up to you, the taxpayer! Thank you for all of your support and for keeping in touch with me through the years. Remember, I am still one of you, a working person with a burden to help bring change to our community.


Yates County Legislator, Milo

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