Spring is such an amazing time to tour at Deer Haven Park because so much activity abounds. Nature is awakening, daffodils are blooming, trees are budding, and the wildlife are actively exploring.

(Editor’s note: This is the inaugural column in an occasional feature series, “This Green Earth,” which is prepared by members of the city of Geneva’s Green Committee.)

WATERLOO — Earlier this year, the town of Waterloo was awarded $28,000 in intervenor funds by the state to hire legal and engineering consultants for the Trelina Solar Energy Center permit application process.

SENECA — For every ton of solid waste accepted at the Ontario County Landfill in the town of Seneca, the town receives $2.10 from Casella Waste Services, operator of the landfill on Routes 5&20.

WATERLOO — Hundreds of pages of testimony and exhibits were filed April 16, part of the formal review related to Trelina Solar Energy Center’s application to build and operate an 80 megawatt solar facility in the west end of the town.

WATERLOO — Earl Martin and Deer Haven Park have withdrawn an Article 78 lawsuit against Seneca County over its decommissioning of the wastewater treatment plant on the former Hillside Children’s Center campus in Varick.


SENECA FALLS — In January, the state Department of Environmental Conservation told officials at Seneca Meadows Inc. it had 36 questions it wanted answered before the company’s application to expand its landfill by another 50 acres would be considered complete.


GENEVA — The civil lawsuit Todd and Lindsay Powers filed against the city over Geneva Foundry contamination may go to trial May 10.

GENEVA — The city and town of Geneva have received preliminary approval for a $7,500 grant from Ontario County to conduct an assessment of solid waste generated within the two municipalities.

It is an honor and a privilege to have a home on Seneca Lake in the Village of Dresden. My husband and I invested in land along Seneca Lake to enjoy its peaceful beauty, crystal blue waters, and vibrant agri-tourism community.


GENEVA — The city’s Shade Tree Committee — with help from a private donor — is hoping to spread a little shade for future generations as part of this year’s Arbor Day recognition.


SENECA FALLS — Experts agree phosphorus has several negative impacts on a body of water, ranging from the formation of harmful algal blooms and excessive weed growth to water turbidity and overall water quality.


GENEVA — While the state is spending millions of dollars to remove contaminated soil around homes and buildings near the former Geneva Foundry, some councilors continue to insist there is no reason to do the same at a public park where high levels of arsenic and lead have been found at signi…

LYONS — Wayne County, in partnership with Tennessee-based BOLDplanning Inc., is in the process of updating its All-Hazards Mitigation Plan. Mitigation planning helps community leaders better understand risks from natural hazards and develop long-term strategies that will reduce the impacts o…

The levels of Keuka and Seneca lakes have been relatively low this spring, courtesy of a 2020 dry spell that has extended into the new year.


SENECA FALLS — Motorists who regularly travel Routes 5&20 often marvel at the large bird nests they see on the top of power line towers along the south side of the roadway near the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.


WATERLOO — Formal review of Trelina Solar Energy Center’s application to build and operate an 80 kilowatt solar farm in the west end of the town will begin April 16, leading up to the start of the evidentiary hearing June 23.


TORREY — It appears a decision on the expansion of Greenidge Generation’s bitcoin and data center project will be delayed.


SENECA FALLS — Once again, one of the community’s largest employers has urged the Town Board to deny Seneca Meadows Inc. an operating permit until it controls off-site odors related to its landfill.

Over the last several weeks, Greenidge Generation has been “greenwashing” its environmental record, publishing full-page ads, letters from supporters and to municipal governments. Some of them attack the environmental advocates who are working to inform the public, accusing them of spreading…

WATERLOO — Several of those speaking at a Tuesday afternoon public hearing on the Trelina Solar Energy Center who would lease land to the Florida company favored the project.