Amazements never cease beyond the fence with Seneca White Deer at Deer Haven Park. Every visit gives witness to nature’s true artistry in motion. If you have artistic flair, no matter what the medium, time spent here should be utmost on your agenda. Nature has a way of inspiring by reaching into the depths of the soul to elevate one’s true gifts. It is nature’s way of sharing its positive energy, calm and ever flowing, with those who sojourn here. Many a traveler seek, and many find, leaving the only thought lingering: How does one give back?

Such was the case last autumn when Kent Terpening of Kingsley Street Artisan Soaps of Syracuse decided to partake in a private tour. The birds sang in jubilation as we entered the park that day — like a welcoming harmonious orchestrated ensemble. The day was cool and overcast, but when the sun did peek through, it was bright, reflecting off overgrown munitions igloos, abandoned railway lines and deteriorating drop stations. Droplets of dew glistened atop wildflowers as a blanketing transparent mist arose, magically levitating off the ground by the imperceptible hands of Mother Nature herself. Prism-like reflections waltzed rainbows of color across seeding milk thistle and waving timothy grasses.

Kent visited that day without expectation and was pleasantly surprised at the historic tales the land held so dear. The beauty of nature within this 3,000-acre ecotourism park continued to reverberate with colors and scents held second to none. Prominently racked bucks, does and maturing fawns curiously gazed our way as we passed, too involved in their morning grazing to jaunt away.

A Great Blue Heron flapped a hello, its curiosity also peaked enough to take reprieve from its breakfast, fishing in the cool waters of Reeder Creek. An expression of surprised delight crossed Kent’s face at this encounter. A transformation appeared to silently manifest, reincarnating this intrigued tourist into his original depth of form — the true artist. Kent seemed to flow with this subtle transformation, suddenly comfortable enough to share that his product line of handmade soaps (lotions and more) was a technique handed down from his England born and raised grandmother. Having to make due through the throes of war, she had created a staple in which Kent would later adapt to be marketable. By adding his own artistic flair, he was able to blend fragrances in such a way as to give him the cutting edge on his competitors. Replicating this recipe for Grandmother’s long lasting, cold-pressed bars that delivered suds and fragrance until the very end, Kent was able to garner a huge, return customer base across New York state.

By the time Kent’s personal tour was complete, he was thrilled by what SWD had been able to accomplish in its conservation, historic, and ecotourism efforts. The artistic wheels were turning as Kent shared that he was definitely a supporter of the cause. Knowing that SWD is a non-for-profit, he set his sights on giving back.

Due to this culmination of artist-meets-nature, SWD is proud to announce the availability of an exclusive line of Kingsley Street Artisan soaps whose scents are only available via SWD. Reflective colors in the park on that visit have transformed into vibrant packaging hues. White deer encounters developed into artistic, hand drawn accents. Rich, earthy scents that the park so generously shared that day, along with pure essences that only wildflowers, wild herbs and grasses can imbue upon the senses were incorporated into exquisite soap fragrances — bars that need to be experienced to truly be appreciated.

Artists introduced to the inspiration that is SWD at Deer Haven Park giving back. Come, experience for yourself a place found nowhere else on the planet. Partake. Be inspired. Share.

Dee Calvasina is a freelance writer and monthly columnist who commends the conservation efforts of SWD at Deer Haven Park. You too can help to support this cause with your tax deductible contributions, or by securing tour tickets now at Visit the Welcome Center on Rte. 96A in Romulus, or call for info (315) 759-8220. SWD is a non-for-profit entity whose cause survives on public contributions. Like SWD on Facebook.

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