Town of Geneva Climate Smart Coordinator Jacob Fox answers your questions about recycling, composting, lawn care, etc.

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Today’s question: What is the City of Geneva Resource Recovery Park that I have heard about?

The time has finally arrived for the opening of the Geneva Resource Recovery Park on March 3. I want to use this month’s Climate Smart column to discuss the facility and how it will benefit Geneva.

It was designed and is operated by my company, Closed Loop Systems. We designed the facility to give the City and Town of Geneva an affordable and regenerative solution for municipal waste.

Currently, the only option in Geneva is to pay for someone to haul your waste outside of Geneva and into a large landfill or a global recycling system. Our facility will give you the option to bring your own waste, or to work with a local hauler to ensure your waste gets recycled or up-cycled.

Up-cycling is creating an equivalent or higher value from waste materials. An example of this is our vermicomposting process that takes food waste and makes organic topsoil. Our facility focuses on recovering as many resources as close to the source of disposal as possible, thus minimizing hauling costs. For example, 54% of the municipal waste stream is biodegradable. We will collect this material and process it onsite of the Geneva RRP.

Phase 1 of the facility will be to collect food waste and yard waste. Residential food waste disposal permits will be $15 per year, and you will have access to quarterly soil givebacks. We will accept all food waste, including meats and bones. We will also accept other products that are certified biodegradable, except for human and pet waste.

Yard waste disposal will remain free for all residents of the City and Town of Geneva. Commercial yard waste will not be accepted. The hours for Phase 1 will be Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9-5. Address of the site is 41 Doran Ave., on the north side of the Marsh Creek Wastewater.

Phase 2 of the facility, likely to roll out this summer, will be to operate as a full service Recycling and Disposal Center, similar to the Town of Geneva station at 32 White Springs Road. This station will be a one-stop-shop for all your waste needs. When you come down to the facility, you will be greeted by a station attendant who will guide you through the disposal process.

At the start of Phase 2, we will accept metal waste, construction and demolition debris, zero-sort recycle, landfill waste, cans/bottles, as well as food waste and yard waste. As new recyclers emerge and new technologies develop, we will be able to segment the bins even more. For example, glass recycling in the Finger Lakes is a huge missed opportunity. If we can collect a clean glass stream in Geneva, we can reduce the amount of virgin sand that local contractors need for paving roads.

Closed Loop Systems is revolutionizing the way we deal with waste to make our communities more resilient. All waste that comes to the facility will leave the facility for a higher use or to proper disposal.

The goal for this facility is to be constantly innovating to fit Geneva’s needs. Please be patient with us these next few months as we roll out Phase 1 and transition into Phase 2. We want to be in constant contact with the public, so we will have a comment box on our website at as well as paper copies at the 41 Doran Ave. site. Please feel free to reach out to me as well at We will start allowing guided tours on March 3, so please reach out if you would like to have a tour of the facility.

Jacob Fox is a Geneva city resident. He works with the Town of Geneva as a Climate Smart Coordinator, to help the town reduce waste, improve stormwater infrastructure, reduce energy usage, and more “climate smart topics.” He also is CEO of Closed Loop Systems LLC, which will operate the City of Geneva Resource Recovery Park. Closed Loop Systems, based in Geneva, designs and operates facilities for municipal, agricultural, industrial, and institutional clients. His Climate Smart column runs the third Saturday of every month. With a question or topic for Fox, contact him at

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