CANANDAIGUA — The owners of a former dry-cleaning business in the Parkway Plaza on Eastern Boulevard have submitted a plan to remediate contamination at the site.

Parkway Plaza Cleaners operated in the plaza from the early 1960s until closing in 1991. The spot is now a laundromat.

Parkway Plaza Limited Partnership performed a detailed investigation of the site under the state’s Voluntary Cleanup Program. Based on that investigation, the two agencies determined the site poses a significant threat to the public health or the environment. That was based on the nature of the existing contaminants identified at the site, the potential for offsite migration of contaminants in the groundwater, and the possibility for human exposure to site-related contaminants through soil vapors.

The primary contaminants of concern are the following volatile, dry-cleaning organic compounds: tetrachloroethene, trichloroetheylne, dichloroethane and vinyl chloride. Some steps already have been taken to remove contaminants from the indoor air of the laundromat area.

The company and the DEC have submitted a remediation plan that is being reviewed by the state Department of Health.

The plan involves:

• Treating contaminated groundwater to chemically reduce and biodegrade contaminants, mitigating off-site migration of the plume.

• Monitoring soil vapor and indoor air for potential soil vapor intrusion and the effectiveness of sub-slab migration during the remedy.

• Collecting and analyzing end point soil samples and post remedial groundwater samples to evaluate the effectiveness of the remedy.

• Maintaining existing hard cover or pavement and buildings to address potential exposure to below ground contamination remaining above restricted commercial use soil cleanup objectives.

• Implementing a health and safety plan and community air monitoring plan during all ground intrusive activities.

• Implementing a site management plan for long-term maintenance of the remedial cover and sub-slab depressurization systems.

• Recording of an environment easement to ensure proper use of the site.

The DEC will accept public comments on the plan and make revisions, as necessary, before issuing a final decision document. Comments can be made to

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