HOPEWELL — The Ontario County Board of Supervisors’ environmental quality committee Wednesday will consider a motion to hire an on-demand consultant to monitor ongoing expansion construction and operation of the county landfill.

A resolution before the committee would authorize the county to sign a one-year contract with SCS Engineers of Suffern for an amount not to exceed $30,000.

Casella Waste Systems, operator of the landfill, is beginning construction of a state-approved 43.5-acre expansion within the existing footprint of the 389-acre landfill in the town of Seneca.

The landfill was due to run out of space later this year. The expansion will allow it to remain open until 2028, at current permit limits.

SCS Engineers previously provided expert consultation to the county on landfill issues. The money to pay SCS would come from landfill revenue-

sharing payments made by Casella to the county.

If the committee approves the hiring, it would go to the full board for final approval.

One issue SCS may get involved with is a proposed variance sought by Casella that would change the distance between the bottom of the new liner to the top of bedrock below from 10 feet to 5 feet, a move that would save $1.8 million.

The committee voted last month to recommend the variance by a 4-2 vote, but the full board voted it down last week.

Other agenda items Wednesday are:

• An update on implementation of the county’s solid-waste management plan, including the county’s own waste-diversion program.

• Information on an upcoming hazardous waste-collection day at the landfill, provided by Casella.

• A recycling report for 2015.

• Discussion of gas line relocation and evening work hours at the landfill.

• An update on the landfill master plan.

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