Tim Dean sentenced

Tim Dean leaves the Wayne County Hall of Justice after he was sentenced Friday for the murder of two Sodus residents last fall.

LYONS — He was called a puppet, a disgraced police officer, a failure, a coward, a psychopath and a murderer.

Through it all, Tim Dean sat motionless and looked straight ahead while the families of the people he killed — Josh Niles and Amber Washburn — had their say during Dean’s sentencing Friday in Wayne County Court.

“You took away two beautiful people. You didn’t even know him (Josh),” Barb Niles, Josh’s mother, said while glaring at Dean. “You just listened to what your sick wife had to say about him.”

Minutes later, Judge Daniel Barrett sentenced Dean — a former police officer in Texas — to life in prison without parole for the October 2018 murders of Niles and Washburn outside their Carlton Street home in Sodus.

A jury convicted Dean of conspiring with his wife, Charlene Childers, to drive from Texas to New York to kill Niles. Childers had two children with Niles from a previous relationship in Wayne County, and was involved in a child custody dispute with him.

Childers, who was in Texas when Dean killed Niles and Washburn, was recently sentenced to 28 years in prison after pleading guilty to a manslaughter charge in the case. Childers said the plan did not include Washburn’s death.

The child custody dispute was reportedly over accusations that Dean abused the children in Texas.

“He (Josh) was trying to keep his kids safe, since you like to smack children around,” Barb Niles said.

During Dean’s trial, a medical examiner said Niles was shot 10 times. Washburn was pulling into their driveway as Dean was shooting Niles, and Dean shot her once in the head.

“Amber didn’t stand a chance. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Washburn’s sister, Angie Washburn. “You did the bidding of your wife without a second thought.”

Assistant District Attorney Christine Callanan, who prosecuted the case, said the murders “shook the community to its core.” She and others said Dean had plenty of time to change his mind while he was going from Texas to New York, especially when he damaged a rental vehicle in Kansas and had to wait to rent another vehicle to go to New York.

“You were a puppet of Charlene Childers,” Angie Washburn said. “You had every opportunity to man up and say no, but you didn’t.”

“This was a sinister plan, and you are a failure and a coward who would not stand up to Charlene’s manipulative behavior,” said Jeff Washburn, Amber’s uncle.

Dean did not make a statement. His attorney, Joseph Damelio, said he would appeal the conviction.

A third defendant in the case, Bron Bohlar, was sentenced to 1-3 years in prison for conspiring with Dean and Childers. Bohlar, also a former police officer in Texas, admitted he helped Dean rent a vehicle to drive from Texas to New York, although that vehicle was damaged in Kansas.

Childers and Bohlar testified against Dean at his trial.

Before sentencing Dean, Barrett noted how he showed little or no emotion during the trial and sentencing.

“Mr. Dean, you are certainly a classic psychopath. I really don’t know what goes on in your head,” Barrett said. “I still cannot figure this out. I don’t know which one of you three geniuses thought you could get away with this. You will certainly die in prison.”

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