FAYETTE — After hearing residents speak for and against it, the Town Board voted to approve a local law banning the retail sale of marijuana in Fayette.

The measure was approved Sept. 9 by a 2-1 vote. Jeff Trout and Linda Zwick voted in favor, while William Goff was opposed. Supervisor Cindy Lorenzetti and Coreen Lowry were absent.

The law is subject to a permissive referendum. If petitions with the required number of signatures of town residents are received within 45 days of Sept. 9, the local law would go to voters. The number of signatures required will be a certain percentage of those voting in the town at the last gubernatorial election in 2018.

The local law requests the New York State Cannabis Control Board to issue an exemption from the issuance of both retail dispensary and onsite consumption licenses under the state’s Cannabis Law. The exemption would apply to all parts of the town except the portion within the village of Waterloo.

The Waterloo Village Board is considering its own marijuana sale and onsite use ban.

A municipality wishing to opt out of the state law must do so by Dec. 31.

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