Women March Seneca Falls

Women March Seneca Falls 2020

SENECA FALLS — Talk about plenty of advance notice.

Feminists from across the nation are invited to visit the Birthplace of the Women’s Rights Movement Jan. 17-19, 2020, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in America.

The gathering coincides with the fourth annual Women March in Seneca Falls.

On that January weekend, activists with Women March in Seneca Falls will conduct a three-day event celebrating the centennial of women’s suffrage, honoring the 700 historic, worldwide women’s marches of 2017 and encouraging all eligible Americans to exercise their right to vote in the 2020 election.

“In January 2020, we’ll march in the footsteps of my great-great-grandmother in Seneca Falls, where she and our foremothers first publicly demanded women’s right to vote,” said Coline Jenkins, great-great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

The Wesleyan Chapel on Fall Street is the location of the first women’s rights convention in the United States, organized in 1848 by women’s rights and voting rights activist Stanton of Seneca Falls. The convention and its Declaration of Sentiments helped launch the women’s suffrage movement.

Women’s right to vote was realized by passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920.

Activities planned for next January include a welcome gathering at the New York State Equal Rights Heritage Center in Auburn, the home and final resting place of Harriet Tubman. That will be followed by entertainment at Auburn Public Theater and in Seneca Falls.

There also will be the fourth annual rally and march and a concert by feminist musical group BETTY and a conversation honoring the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and its legacy of American women leading the fight for justice and equality, from clan mothers to abolitionists, to early suffragists to 21st Century women lighting the way to the next generation of activist leaders.

“The women’s suffrage centennial is an auspicious moment in history for American women and a reminder that it is up to us to set the agenda for 2020 and beyond,” said Melina Carnicelli of Auburn, lead organizer of the Women March in Seneca Falls.

Women March in Seneca Falls is a non-partisan and grassroots affiliate of MARCH On. The organization works with community groups to end systematic racism and sexism, seeks gender parity in elected office, environmental justice and equal pay, eradicating violence against women, supports lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-gender people, advocates for immigrant and disability rights, passing the proposed Equal Rights Amendment and advocating for reproductive rights and self-sovereignty for all women.

Since January 2017, tens of thousands of supporters have gathered in Seneca Falls in January to rally and march with activists “inSISTERS.’’

Further information on Women March in Seneca Falls 2020 Weekend will be on www.facebook.com/womenmarchsenecafalls.com.

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